Orienterring & Geocaching

Orienteering in Riverside

Orienteering is a sport that involves navigating over unfamiliar terrain using a map and compass to find control markers at locations indicated on the map. Some orienteers enjoy doing a course at a leisurely pace while competitive runners try to complete the course with the fastest time. Orienteering is sometimes called “cunning running” because success depends on navigational skills and making the best route choices (not necessarily a straight line between two points) as well as running fast.

The first orienteering event held in Riverside State Park was part of the Washington State Centennial Games in 1989. Orienteers from western Washington enjoyed the open, runnable forest and the rocky knolls at Riverside.

The Eastern Washington Orienteering Club holds events at Riverside State Park and other locations around Spokane each year. Go to www.ewoc.org for more information.


Geocaching is a popular activity for people with a GPS device or a smartphone. It involves a cache, usually a metal case of some type, that includes items left by other that have found the hidden treasure. Users find these sites using GPS coordinates from a website or app, navigate to the area, then search for the hiding spot. If have never experienced it, it will be very exciting.

To get started finding geocaches in Riverside, visit GeoCaching.com to coordinates. If you do not have a handheld GPS, you can get started on your phone by using the GeoCaching.com app for Android and Apple devices.

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