Riverside State Park is perfect for equestrians, with the Equestrian Campground with special horse friendly accommodations including a handicapped mounting platform, newly renovated riding arena, and miles and miles of trail access right from the campground. Nearly every mile of trails in the Park is excellent for riding, except the rocky area adjacent to the Bowl and Pitcher and the ORV Area.

Miles of varied landscape awaits the horse rider. Some of these miles are dedicated solely to horseback use, some are shared use with hikers and bicycles.

Equestrian Trailheads

Note: Some trailheads are larger and accommodate trailers better than others.

Equestrian Area: The area provides good equestrian parking, an equestrian campground and there is an arena. There are two restrooms. This area can also be used for some large events so access may be limited at those times.

Carlson Rd: This is a small, paved lot that can handle about two trailers. There is a restroom.

Pine Bluff/Seven Mile Rd.: This gravel parking area can easily handle 10 horse trailers. It does not have a restroom.

Deep Creek: This gravel parking area can handle a couple of trailers but on a busy weekend it could be difficult to turn around. It does not have a restroom.

North Old Trails Rd: This gravel parking area, primarily used by equestrians, can handle about 6 trailers and does not have a restroom.

McLellan: This paved parking area does not have good trailer parking but on a slow day could accommodate them. There is a restroom.

Wilbur: This paved parking area does not have good trailer parking. It is smaller than McLellan and getting turned around could be a problem. There is a restroom.
Columbia Plateau Trail

A Discover Pass is required at all parking areas.

About the Trails

The equestrian trails are primarily dirt, single track, although there are some two track trails. Because they vary in difficulty it is an excellent location to get new experiences for you and your horse. The southern end of the park provides some very easy trails (and no bikes in the Equestrian Area) while at the north end taking the trail through Deep Creek provides an opportunity to ride on a steep side hill. There are no water crossings, except when crossing Deep Creek in the spring west of the ORV area and in the ORV area.

There are some areas that equestrians are specifically not allowed to ride. They include the area around the Bowl & Pitcher (on both sides of the river) and any area identified as a Natural Forest Area or Natural Area Preserve.

While horses are allowed in the Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) area please remember that this area is the only area in the park that Off Road Vehicles may be used. It is their area and we are there as guests. Unless you need to go through, and your horse is accustomed to motorcycles, it is recommended that you take an alternate route.

Places to Ride in Riverside

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Equestrian Trail Map

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