Cyclists get started at the annual 24-Hour Race in Riverside State Park – Tim Chandonnet Photography

Over 50 miles of official trails and beautiful paved Centennial Trail await. Take to the dirt with incredibly diverse trail options like the smooth winding single tracks by the Spokane river, the high bluff trails with vast vantage points or the super fast forested tracks. Or grab your road bike and hit the Centennial for a fast, family-friendly tour of the park. Continue on the pavement as the Centennial meets the North Idaho Centennial Trail at the state line and continues to Point Hughes on Lake Coeur d’Alene.

Biking Trails in Riverside

Take a ride up one of Riverside’s classic single tracks.

24-Hour Race

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, Riverside hosts the region’s favorite 24-hour mountain bike relay. Riders start Saturday at noon and bike the 15-mile course through the night until noon on Sunday. They also enjoy multiple feeds, camping and lots of laughs.

Check out some of the photos from the 24-Hour Race

24-Hour Race photos – Tim Chandonnet Photography

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