Fisk Property (The Cove)

N 47° 50.260' W 117° 43.215'
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N 47° 50.260' W 117° 43.215'

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Located approximately 22 miles from Spokane on the south shore of Long Lake Reservoir, this 663-acre acquisition (Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant) provides 1.8 miles of low bank shoreline access. This site is forested with Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir and has large granite rock outcroppings in many areas.

Over 600 acres of beautiful lake-shore property, including over a mile of waterfront, await those who make the difficult trek to the property or who come by boat. Access from South Bank Road will turn into a dirt road, and split towards the parking area. Vehicles are not permitted beyond the parking area indicated by the coordinate marker.

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february, 2018

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