Riverside State Park offers educational programs for learners of all ages! We welcome public and private schools, home schools, Boy and Girl Scout groups, YMCAs, recreation centers, universities, civic groups, elder hostels, and the general public to participate in exploratory discovery. Park staff stand ready to provide environmental education, outdoor recreation, and heritage education lessons. To explore self-guided, please feel free to contact us for suggestions as well.

Scheduling and Fees

To schedule a program or to learn more about Riverside State Park, contact us at (509) 465-5064. We can offer suggestions for guided and self-guided experiences.

Join us as PARTNERS IN LEARNING as we delve deeper into the five core themes of Riverside State Park: The River, People, Flora & Fauna, Geology, and Recreation. We believe that an educated user is a wise user of our parks; join the staff of Riverside State Park and the Riverside State Park Foundation as we preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources of the land we call Riverside State Park…for those who came before us and those who will follow.

Washington State Parks Kid’s Activity Book

Now kids can learn all about the animals of the park by following Bagley Beaver and his friends in this kids coloring book. With ten fun activities and lots of space to color, it’s a great way to get kids excited and learning about being in the park.

This book has been made possible by Washington State Parks.

february, 2019

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