About Us

Riverside State Park Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission and vision geared towards protecting the land and maintaining safe, sustainable recreation for all. The foundation has supported the park since its incorporation in 2002, playing a critical role in helping fund the needs of Riverside State Park. We’re a group of adventurers that enjoy everything from hiking and kayaking to 4×4 and horseback riding. This is our home and we hope that you will join us in supporting and protecting the park for future generations.

"To instill the legacy Riverside State Park into the heart of the community..."

The Riverside State Park Foundation educates and engages people and groups to enjoy, advocate for, and sustain the irreplaceable benefits of recreation, history, beauty, natural resources and cultures of Riverside State Park now and for generations to come.

Foundation Work

Over the past 15 years, the Foundation has raised over $350,000. This money has gone into projects like The Swinging Bridge General Store, the information kiosk at Bowl & Pitcher, trail restoration and the steps at the far end of the swinging bridge that helped with trail erosion. Specific sponsor and grant money have helped us with projects like the equestrian arena and announcers stand, funding the volunteer coordinator position and all the tools needed to keep our volunteers busy.

Recent projects include an installation of 15 security cameras at trail heads significantly helping to reduce crime. We also now have an electrical panel at the Seven Mile Airstrip. We will be adding running water there soon.

Foundation Funds

  • Park Infrastructure & Access
  • Trail Building & Volunteers
  • Foundation Operations

Foundation News

There are always great stories of volunteer efforts, trail building, infrastructure projects, access improvement and more. Read about the latest updates from Riverside State Park Foundation or visit the news page to read about all the latest at Riverside including stories from park users like you.

Foundation Events

Events are a major way the Foundation helps the park. Events bring revenue and people to Riverside which help increase people’s passion and commitment to the land and the people that use it. We facilitate popular annual events like the Dirty Dash, 24-hour Mountain Bike Race, SCOPE  Despooking Clinic and the BCH Scavenger hunt. We also maintain an online events calendar to help spread the word about park events.

Take a Look at Upcoming Foundation Events in Riverside

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Foundation Sponsors

We could not do our work without the generosity of our donors, volunteers, sponsors and partners. A big shout out to REI, Fairwood Animal Hospital, Johnson Hansen, WA Trails Association, Wa Fish & Wildlife and Walmart for support, grants and donations to the park. We also want to thank Dirty Dash and RiverKeepers who hold events at the Park that generate monies to meet Park needs. We are excited to continue growing our partnerships, venues, donors and sponsors. We are very fortunate to have such an amazing park that meets so many community needs and is so accessible.

Want to Get Involved?

Become a Corporate Sponsor or Discuss a Grant

We often have specifics projects we need to fund like the equestrian arena built by the Foundation and a few very generous donors. Do you have a project you would like to discuss or would you like to become a corporate sponsor of the Riverside State Park Foundation? Contact us today to speak with a board member about opportunities to give and sponsor. Contact us at: Email- info.rspf@gmail.com. Phone or text – 509-731-4587

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